And one more hour or so delay


Sorry for the third delay all, our storage servers are all migrated over but are taking awhile to do their compact process, which was having a horrible impact on performance and made things ususable when we brought the service back up. We’re letting the compaction process complete and then we’ll bring things back up after.



Thanks for your hard work!

If the work is done by 7:30 pm EST, it would be great. I have some games timeout right after that.


I’d think that all games’ clocks should be halted for the time of maintenance/upgrade.



How long till the site is stabilized again?


don’t want to sound like an alarmist, but none of my 30-ish correspondence games are showing in my list… perhaps the maintenance is still in progress?


give it a little more time i’d say, mine aren’t loading either


Well I would say relax a bit you guys and wait, but to be honest I love everyone who is seriously alarmed by the fact that his games of go are not loading. I mean that’s having the priorities straight :smiley: (I too checked like twenty times in the last half hour)


well i’m running out of tsumegos over here if the games aren’t back up soon i don’t know what im gonna do! :slight_smile:


I enabled my vacations. I will be back and check in five hours.



whoo hoo! looking good! game list is back and it looks like the right number of games are waiting for my attention. hope everyone has similar experience. Cheers for the maintainers!


I second that, everything is running smoothly, even the laggy game history pages seem to be fixed as well.


Good job people! And good job to any space aliens on the staff too! (we must be inclusive in these modern times)