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Is possible ElyGo (Go Game connect with


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If the creator of ElyGo makes it work. OGS has API that allows developers to make stuff.


We’ve had contact with the creator of ElyGo before, some time ago, and he was not opposed to the idea, presuming that OGS was much larger then it is now. So possibly somewhere in the future. :blush:

The public API is not suitable for writing a full fledged client. You still need the blessing of the OGS developers in order to gain access to the private API.

It’s perfectly suitable for writing a client that doesn’t need data in real time, yes… if you want real time data then you would need to go through us to get access to it.

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What sort of client would not need real time data? Even playing a correspondence game without having the move come to you in real time would be, if not annoying, then less than ideal.

Look at the original OGS app, for example. Also… we send enough information back to clients that they can accurately calculate time remaining (even relative to the device’s local time) that would make polling entirely reasonable.

By the original OGS app do you mean before nova and OGS was merged? That only supported correspondence games right? By full fledged client I mean one that is able to also play real time games.

How often do you think is a reasonable polling rate?