Annotated game book for Kyu players

My favorite Chess book ever was called Logical Chess: Every Move Explained by Irving Chernev.
It is a collection of 33 annotated games explaining the various fundamental principles as they occur on each move, along with analysis of alternate lines to show why certain choices are to be preferred.

Are there any comparable Go books in English suitable for a Kyu-level player?

Would I be better off just watching Nick Sibicky’s game analysis lectures?


Man, I loved that book too!!!

I’d love something similar for go, but I’m not aware of anything

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The book you two want is “Deep Thought: Extremely Thorough Pro Game Commentaries” by Yuan Zhou.

“This book contains an analysis of two professional games of go in which every move is explained and each game diagram contains only one new move, providing an ideal situation for studying the highest level of playing the game of go.”

Right now you can get this book on Amazon for about $18. I’d buy it myself but I spent all my Go budget on my set.


Only 2 games…
And are you sure it is appropriate for a low-level player to digest?

No idea, I don’t own it. It’s the only book I know of that has move-by-move analysis, though.


Ok thanks so much

You might also want Learning from Pro Games, again by Yuan Zhou, which aims to exposes tactics by means of fourteen pro games. Yuan seems to have made several books aimed at kyu players.



Yes, that book is quite good. I do not know of any others that are as good (IMO).

– Musash1


I loved that chess book! I think it was about 50 years ago that I read it.

The replies to your message show two books that I might order.

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Elementary Go and the Get strong Series are good imo. Most are split into specific aspects of the game but they do have overlapping general principles here and there, There is also a general book in the first of the Elementary Go series.

I’m trying to revisit Chess again seriously too! Logical choice looks interesting.

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It’s honestly a fantastic book. One of 3 that I recommend to everyone I tutor.

Logical Chess: Every Move Explained by Irving Chernev
Bobby Fisher Teaches Chess
The Soviet Chess Primer by Ilya Maizelis

You can get up to about 1700-1800 Elo with just those books, plus an opening database and copious amounts of free tactics puzzles.

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It’s been a while since I last seriously played chess, but I was happy that AlphaZero apparently likes to play the English, which was my favourite opening to play.

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