Annotations/Marks of uploaded SGF not displayed correctly

I have uploaded SGFs into a SGF collection, but when viewing the game the annotations (labels/markers/A,B,C,triangles,etc.) are not displayed.

Interesting info for this bug: I have verified in an external SGF viewer that the uploaded file does contain these markers.

Even more interesting: I have downloaded the SGF from OGS via the side menu and the downloaded SGF still contains all the original annotations. This seems to be only an issue with displaying (or recognizing?) the markers from uploaded SGFs.

Yeah we haven’t implemented marker imports from SGFs. Can you give me a link to it? It’s probably not hard to do, i’ll see about adding it in in the nearish future.

(P.S. The reason why the download works is because we just hand back the original SGF if it’s available :))

sure… here’s the game. I modified the original one to include a lot of different markers on turn 4.

Cool, I’ll look at adding support (got a few things to do before i can get to it, but it’ll happen :))

Mini versus micro Chinese opening SGF from this morning’s AGA Journal:

Basically unusable for the stated purpose without the annotation. Works okay as a deep life-and-death problem.