Annotations Missing from SGFs

It seems that annotations (letter/number/symbol marks) and marks made by free hand drawing tool are missing from downloaded SGFs of reviews/demos. I’m not sure if the free hand drawing can be easily represented in SGF, but the other marks should be there.

Here’s a notable example:

It seems that the comments are preserved properly, but all of the valuable markings are lost in downloading the SGF.

Shameless hijacking to mention additional bugs in the review system:

  1. The up/down arrow keys do not navigate up/down when there are 2 or more variations in the following branch.

  2. The erase function is not permanent. Any markings previously drawn will reappear on top of any corrections upon refresh or reloading.

  3. The lettering function gets screwy after typing in the variations box. Letters are skipped and it shows “Y,” “),” or even blank until the letter function is reselected.

  4. During live reviews, observers sometimes experience a bug in which the variations created get “stuck” in one place. New variations are seemingly created from whatever point the observer is viewing at the time. This issue is fixed upon refresh.

I experienced this the other day. The explanations from the reviewer seemed to have very little to do with the move being commented on. I refreshed the browser and found that the move tree that had been created on my side was very different than what the reviewer was seeing.

If this is happening frequently, it seems to be one of the more urgent bugs right now. It makes a confusing mess of the live review process.

All noted

This will be fixed up in tonights patch fyi

Can you clarify what you’ve seen? You’re saying someone shares a variation in chat, someone else mouses over it and sees the variation played out from their position instead of where the variation was created from?

(P.S. probably should have created a new thread for these instead of thread hijacking ;)) - but don’t worry @yebellz i’ve got your issue marked down to fix as well

In my case, I was following a live review and the comments were starting to make less and less sense to me. We realized that we were looking at different boards. I tried clicking the “sync” button to make sure I was on the same move as him, but the client was insistent that we were on the same move. So I refreshed my page and everything was magically fixed.

It looks like the reviewer manually removed some stones in order to show how the situation would have been different if some of the nearby supporting stones were missing. I think this may have been the moment that our paths diverged, and I started seeing a different board than him. I’m not sure though.

nispio’s got the same bug it seems. It’s happened 3 times in one review. You’re watching for a few minutes, then the navigation seems to stop and you think the reviewer is just busy. Then weird variations (which belong elsewhere) appear as the reviewer creates them (elsewhere), but the variations appear to you to be made on top of wherever you were left. It’s kind of bizarre.