Announcing Dinkelhuber, a browser based 9x9 OGS opening explorer with katago support

Hello OGS people,
I am happy to announce the completion of Dinkelhuber, the first ever 9x9 Go opening explorer for more than 400k OGS games. Check it out now at

Features include an Opening explorer that can be filtered to different player strengths/komi/Rule-sets and shows winrate, amount of games and average player strength in each line. For each variation, a few top games with direct links to their OGS page are shown at the bottom. You can use the Game ID field to directly import an OGS game into Dinkelhuber to do some post-game analysis. Dinkelhuber can even be used as go client with engine support in lizzie style! To find out more about how that works, check the tutorial on my github page

Please do not use Dinkelhuber while playing a Game! That would be a fair play violation that ruins everyones fun.


Why did you call it “Dinkelhuber”? :grin:


I mean every go client out there has a funny name (lizzie, sabaki, quarry etc.). Maybe some of them actually mean something, but I thought my client should have some recognizable name too. “Dinkelhuber” is actually inspired by a German youtube video, and “Dinkelhuber” as a name just sounds great to me somehow.


Sometimes I should really take some time to study why E7 is so much better as E3.

Anyway nice job!


Yeah, that’s Katago for you. Such an advanced AI combining Deeplearning and Monte Carlo methods, but recognizing symetry, that’s one level to hard for it :smiley:


I think it must be something to do with this Go Memes! 🧐