Announcing the 2020 e-Go Congress on August 1-9! (Registration ends on July 29, 9 PM EDT)

Hi everyone,

If you’re disappointed that this year’s US Go Congress has been canceled, mark your calendar for the 2020 e-Go Congress! Scheduled for August 1-9, the e-Go Congress will be held online and includes:

  • a weekend “Open” tournament
  • a weekday daytime “blitz” tournament
  • evening 9×9
  • Pair Go
  • Double-Digit Kyu tournaments
  • professional events
  • a daytime youth event
  • The City League tournament championships
  • A week of broadcasts on the official AGA Twitch channel

The majority of events will be held on OGS, but there will also be other tournaments on KGS and Pandanet (IGS).

This “taste of” Congress event “will hopefully give you a chance play a little go and reconnect with old friends —or make new ones—while you eagerly await the more immersive experience of the 2021 US Go Congress, which will have even more tournaments, events, lessons, and youth activities!“ says AGA Congress Coordinator Lisa Scott.

Although work continues on the 2020 e-Go Congress website, you can find updated information about the e-Go Congress schedule here.

You can now REGISTER HERE for the 2020 e-Go Congress. Registration is open to everyone until July 29 at 9 PM EDT, and FREE for members of all national Go associations! If you have questions about memberships, please consult the FAQ page.

Update: Due to popular demand, Relay Go (8/8) and DDK (8/4-5) tournaments have been closed for new registrations. You may still waitlist for potential entry, or withdraw from an existing registration.

On OGS, we will be using the AGA public group as the central communications hub for OGS events during the Congress. Feel free to join the group and say hi!

See you at the Congress :smiley:


Ok…but I am not coming.


Do you realize that this is an online event?


Em. The logical question then is what about people who aren’t members of any associations?


I checked the site and didn’t find anything easily available. I started the application but the information about this wasn’t available in the first few steps, so I didn’t go through with it. I wouldn’t want to fill out the whole thing and find out at the last step that I can’t participate or something.

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I am not a member of any go association. I was able to fill out the application, and just had to enter a member ID of 0 (as the form instructs). However, since I’m not a member of the associations, I cannot participate in any of the competitive events. Hence, I’m not too sure what the purpose of signing up was really for, except for maybe giving them statistics and my contact email.

Note: the user “TigerMaster1342” (who posted above) seems to have copied my avatar picture, but I have no connection to them.


Yeah I got confused.
hmmm… yebellz doesn’t usually post only a few words.


Do you realize that is possible not to come to an online event? :slight_smile:
When I have read tigers post I saw it as a joke.
Yep, to come may imply being present in person, so in a serious tone attending would have been the word.
Anyway, that comment being not a joke would be really bad. few hundreds anouncing us not coming? hmm…

Anyway, the name is not quite clear. European Congress used to be organized in about the same time frame so I assumed that this is organized by EGF, but I see that is AGA. Can anyone attend? I mean non american countries. It is not clear. It states all national organizations. But for this should have been a somewhat agreement with those associations.

just for fun… in my country the national association has clubs as members. this is just a bureaucratic glitch. only clubs can vote, but you can have your player card even you do not join a club… I think. Anyway, to participate in official competitions, I mean to be recorded in EGD you need to have paid the tax up to date. But going to European Congress could be done without it. So… quite complicated. so in the end is really required to be some member or … ?

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  • The membership requirement only applies to the Open, Blitz and DDK tournament.
  • If you are not a member of any national association, consider joining an AGA membership, or doing so at a different association (fees might vary depending on their rules).
  • You can still complete the registration by setting 0 for AGA ID or stating “No” when asked about Non-US Association info. The TDs will reach out to you via email at a later date.
  • I am not the registrar, but I think you might be fine if you have an active EGF ID. However we are still finalizing the policy on this.

FYI: We’ve just made an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page which will be updated continuously. Congress organizers are volunteering their hours behind this now, so we ask you kindly for your patience :smiley:

In addition: Note that after you complete your registration, you can go back to the form and edit your responses. Everything about the tournaments is written clearly in the forms, so it wouldn’t hurt to review one more time :wink:


@xhu98, note that this page:
says “The 2020 Go Congress has been canceled”

Maybe it should be edited to mention the e-Congress to avoid confusion.


Good point; yes, that’s why I said the website is “in progress” instead of finished. The website will be continuously updated in the next few days.


That will not be the case - you’ll still definitely be able to register! You can also amend your registration information at any time after submitting, so don’t stress it too much. As xhu98 mentioned, the only events that require a national organization membership are the Open, Blitz, and DDK tournaments. There are still a lot of other events worth checking out, so I definitely encourage attending!


Hm, most events (especially the beginner teachings) are in the early AM in my timezone (which is ofc completely OK, since it’s an AGA event).
TBH I kinda want to attend, but feel intimidated (it’s different to participate as a TPK when you are in a national association and where you are a casual “I saw the lights on, so I came in” (it’s a Greek saying, it doesn’t translate well, but I can’t express what I mean differently :slight_smile: )).


Seems to translate fine to me; it just reads like an idiom I haven’t encountered, but the meaning is clear.


“Saw light and entered” is the literal translation, the brevity is part of it. :slight_smile:
(if it makes sense in English, I’m keeping the short version for future reference :slight_smile: )


It’s hard for me to be an impartial judge of whether or not I would have understood the shortened version now that the other one has made the meaning clear, but I think context would have been enough. I’m biased though since I love the array of expressions English users can draw on due to our habitual borrowing from other languages and want to see the trend continue into the future.


How the Aga wants to rule the entire world …

All main tournament away if you dont have a member card… That will exclude most chinese players and surely not only them. Did I ever met a chinese player holding a chinese Weiqi association card in my life?

I understand they can put rules for their own country but what do they have to give rules for the rest of the World?

I strongly advise to boycott this kind of organisation