Annual Sitewide Tournament Standings

I was wondering if a system could be put in place to assign points to players who participate in sitewide tournaments. The purpose of doing so would be to have an OGS (Tournament) Player of the Year trophy awarded to the person who accumulated the most points over the course of a year. A leaderboard could even be used to show the current standings.

The points formula could be as straightforward as [points = (the number of wins)] for tournaments where each player plays every round and perhaps [points in round N = (number of wins in round N) * 2 ^ (N-1)] for tournaments where half of the field is eliminated each round.

Implementation details aside, are annual sitewide tournament standings out of the question, or am I onto something good here?

p.s. There could even be “divisions” to account for different timezones (which presumably matters a lot for live tournaments), with divisional leaders eventually playing against each other to challenge/become the OGS Champion (a title that gets passed around, unlike OGS Player of the Year which would be a permanent award). For the record, I would totally give the OGS Champion the nickname of the “Ogre” and I would totally call the championship match the “Ogre Battle” :smiley:


As we speak matburt is coding a new tournament system that will likely feature a similar idea as yours. :smile:

We cant say for sure when it will be done though!

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I like current title names more. It’s fun to boast that you won the (OGS) Honinbo title but if you say to your friends that you became the Ogre they will misunderstand.

And I hope the new tournament system will continue the traditions of OGS, not break them.

Your friends know what Honinbo means without explanation??

That aside, I said “nickname”, not official title. :stuck_out_tongue:

I really should mention that what I said above wasn’t really meant to be a suggestion for title nomenclature anyways. I was simply trying explain my idea in plain words (hence the very generic “Player of the Year” and “Champion”).