Annulled games question

How many moves must be played before a game is not annulled after your opponent times out?

It seems that often if people have a bad start they give up and time out. How many moves must the game go before it will count as a win?

I think it’s based on board size. 19 moves for 19x19.



9 moves for 9x9, 13 moves for 13x13 and 19 moves for 19x19. It’s quite a lot :frowning: oh well it’s still better than nothing

Yeah. It’s weird thinking that you need to not play that devastating corner-destroying tesuji too early :stuck_out_tongue:


I agree it is too many moves… I think about 5 or 6 moves max.

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oooh, which one is that?

What’s the status of this issue? I also have to say that this is way too many moves. People can just leave without punishment that way, if for example a joseki didn’t go as they liked.

Once someone starts playing the game, they should be committed. A couple of moves safety margin, like 5-6, is more than enough.


Bringing this up again! Ran into this issue after a bad opening for my opponent. Seems like 19 is way too many moves

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This seems to be largely accepted by the community, and has been the case for a while now. I wouldn’t anticipate this changing, as “escaping” like this seems to be a pretty rare occurrence.

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Appears that the N moves in NxN games is inaccurate now and it was changed to 2 moves before games are inescapable. Just posting this because it doesn’t appear anywhere else on the site and I lost two games that were ranked because this thread was misleading.