Games not Annulled

Resigned two games in a tournament that has already been decided but has rounds remaining expecting them to be annulled but they were counted and I lost rank even though only 6 moves were made on a 19x19 board. I checked the forums beforehand to see that as long as no more than 19 moves had been made the games should have been annulled.

The games in question:

My decision to resign the games were due to the way the previous round had ended and I realized the tournament would be out of reach for anyone else regardless of the results of the games after the resignation of the second place player in each of their games for the round.

The following game ended eventually after I had passed 6x over the course of the last 30 moves and I decided after seeing that the tournament was decided that I really didn’t want to play the handicapped games as they are quite stressful giving an opponent 9 stones.

Finally, I don’t really care if the games are annulled, but I do want to understand why they weren’t since only 2 moves were played in one game and 6 in the other.

You can ”cancel“ games until 2 moves are played. This is the case for about 2 years now. The resign button reads ”cancle game“ when the game is automatically annulled.

Is there somewhere that it is stated as such because a search of the forums does not reflect that to be so and I don’t see anywhere on the site which explains that.

I guess it would be nice if there was something added to all the posts regarding annulled games where it is explained that the N moves on an NxN board is no longer the limit for what makes a game annulled as it is obsolete.

Top results when searching Annul:

The top 2 results have the outdated explanation in one it’s stated by a member of the OGS Team.

At worst I had assumed it treated the 9 handicapped stones as 9 moves for black and 8 passes for white with 2 actual moves putting it at 19, but if it’s only 2 moves then neither post is accurate. I had never aborted a game that early before so didn’t realize there was different terminology to “Cancel” a game vs Resigning and having it be annulled. Would have played both games out had I known and will ensure it doesn’t happen again.

And it’s in the documentation

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Again my purpose here isn’t to get the results reversed but more to prevent something like that happening to anyone else given the loads of results that only return outdated information.

Thank you for the prompt responses.

There is an ambiguity in this thread that should be addressed. The answers given are speaking of auto-annulment, done by the system. However, the moderators annul games in which irregularities occur that cannot be otherwise rectified. For example, score cheating that has resulted in an illegitimate win. More to the point of this thread, however, are cases where 3-, 4-, or even 5-move games are annulled because a sandbagger has resigned in order to manipulate his rank. This is a cheat against the ranking system, and we do not allow it to stand. In addition, there are cases where a player has been banned and was clearly winning a game in progress or where there was no clear advantage.