How is a game ranked if it is called "annulled"? When would it be annulled?

I see when games timeout quickly, they are considered annulled, how does this get applied to my rank, and where is the tipping point?

Hello @Canada1867, an annulled game has no effect on your rank

The formula for cancelling (and I think also for timing out of) games is that if you cancel a game on an [n]x[n] board before [n] moves board have been played, the game is annulled. So, if you cancel a 9x9 game before 9 moves have been played (I think the ninth move is NOT included), then the game is annulled, likewise 13 moves for 13x13 and 19 moves for 19x19.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Thing is, I always “win” those annulled games, and it always counts for timing out and resigning. Because, someone decides to resign before making a move in a tournament match. Sorry for the rant.

Not sure I understand … if this happens regularly with a certain opponent then I recommend drawing the attention of a moderator to one of those games via this button:

Appears that the N moves in NxN games is inaccurate now and it was changed to 2 moves before games are inescapable. Just posting this because it doesn’t appear anywhere else on the site and I lost two games that were ranked because this thread was misleading.

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