Another demo board thread

Hi, I’m actively streaming the AGA Masters right now - Twitch. Sorry I don’t really have the time to research all the previous threads on this topic (edit: mid-stream while I’m multitasking, I mean), so I’m just dropping this here.

We noticed today setting up that demo boards now have a url of /demo/view/#######, OR /review/#######. I’m not sure which of these it used to be, or which one is the correct one to use. Haven’t had time to mess around and figure it out.

The behavior seems to be similar - but now, the option to pass control is available in one of those two? Devin mentioned that this may have been added as recently as last night.

We noticed that the /review one didn’t function properly for the commentators, so we subbed in the /demo/view. (Specifically, no moves were visible, even when refreshing the page). Occasionally, even /demo/view would stop updating moves, but refreshing the page fixed it.

So far, both versions of the links have worked without any issues whatsoever in OBS browser sources on a Windows 10 Shadow Cloud Desktop virtual machine, which is what I’m working with. The problems mentioned have only appeared in the commentator’s computer, a Windows 11 Razer laptop.

We didn’t have time to reset the stream to account for the ability to pass control, which we’ll hopefully be able to do in the future, since this looks like an AWESOME feature!

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Another thing - demo boards have a “time” field under information, but there’s no way to input it (as far as I can tell). Any chance we could edit that in after the demo board is created, as we can edit the other fields? Could be practical information to have contained with it, though it’s not vital considering we can just mention the time controls in the chat to save it for posterity.