Another Life-Death question from a game

Please tell me if it is inappropriate to ask this kind of question, but I am really interested in learning from my games.

In this game the server decided that the group in the lower right corner was dead. However, I am pretty sure that I am alive. Obviously, this does not change the outcome of the game, I just want to check that I am right, and maybe you can give me some advice on when the server can be trusted on this issue and when not. Up until now, the server was more reliable than me on this issue.

You are correct. It is alive.
It is the players responsibility to check and confirm the automated scoring. DO NOT PRESS ACCEPT if you have not checked and confirmed it…

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Yes, that is a bug, I saw it few times too. Be careful when accepting stones.
Note: neither R1 nor S1 can kill the group - R1 should be answered with S1 and the other way around.

It is not really a bug. The thing about deciding life and death of stones as a neutral third party is that it requires perfect play. I don’t think you can call it a bug that OGS does not have an algorithm which plays go perfectly.

Edit: Alternatively, you can use a rule that every single stone on the board is alive no matter what. AGA rules use this after 4 consecutive passes. That is, when the players don’t agree on which stones are dead, but neither of them wants to play anymore stones either.

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