Answer to kick and pincer sequence

Hi guys. I’m sure some of you played against zpc. He is particularily fond of a certain corner sequence, namely kicking a low approach to a hoshi, then pincering. It’s been told to me that this is not a joseki, but it seems that what has been shown me as a typical way to punish such play doesn’t work.

Check this demo board and tell mi what have I missed. Move 13 is what I find surprisingly good. Does it work?

Seems you were on the right track. Try a hanging connection for 22. You can’t save the stones, but White can get some really nice influence in exchange for Black’s 20 points of territory.

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Hello Mark! Thanks a lot for your input. I’m afraid the hanging connection variation is still way too good for black.

I’m thinking that maybe the hane instead of cut is the proper answer.