Answering Central Fuseki

Is there a better way to answer the Black Hole Fuseki (above) than just occupying the corners? Will a response like that shown below do it?

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Leela thinks you should just play 3-4s directly under each 5-7 stone (at least the old-ish network I have thinks that).

Game over player 1:

… that is, if you’re as good as she is at reducing the middle, I guess :smiley:

(She also thinks that your suggested 002 is worse than the first 002 with -3% compared to -8%).


In your second diagram white is just taking the bait and playing black’s game.

The risk with white 4-4 is that black can still invade the corner, and the center stones will counter white’s influence.

The diagram posted by @Eugene makes perfect sense to me. White takes cash and black doesn’t have good follow-up moves.


Phew, for a moment I thought you were going to blow me out of the water :smiley:

(Always a risk when a DDK like me looks at what Leela thinks :smiley: )

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I’m not qualified to answer your question, but I just wanted to ask what software do you use to make your diagrams? It’s an interesting and nice style.

Looks very 1980’s lol

I think it’s Sabaki?

Yeah, a bit retro, but I think it’s elegant in its minimalism and simplicity. Like beautiful go pixel art.

Wow, really? I didn’t realize there was a custom theme like that. Looks very different than the Sabaki themes that I’ve seen before.