Anti-stalling does not work with bots


I played game with bot. mikhail.trusfus vs. Fuego

When bot was effectively lost the game and I passed 3 time in a row there was now ask to forcible end the game. And the bot became crazy and continue to place stones.

I believe you need to be ahead by at least 10 pts.

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I believe there is no reason to be ahead when each territory is finalized at least by 2 eyes. The score is fixed since this moment.

This may be true. But what @benjito meant is that the automatic system only triggers if KataGo thinks you’re ahead by at least 10 points.

Otherwise, it won’t.

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problem: if you pass after bot passes, game auto-counts

instead of using Anti-stalling you would have to waste time on sealing the border and spamming the stones…