Any book recommendations from authors not American (N-S)/ European/ Asian?

I know we have a book thread somewhere, but I’m interested in books specifically written from authors from continents I’ve not read before, or read very little.

So, I think I’m missing Africa and Oceania (bonus points for authors from Antarctica).

(Please don’t make this complicated, I’d just like some book recommendations that are not just Google search results.)


I like “Things Fall Apart” by Chinua Achebe


Read it 30 years ago and loved it …
and two google search lists :slight_smile:

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I think that Australia and New Zealand are technically part of Oceania, but it is unclear whether you intended to include their European-descended population, or just the Aborigines and Maori. I will walk through the loophole and put in a good word for A. Bertram Chandler, whose first story, “Giant Killer,” is a classic about intelligent rats on a spaceship (guess who the giants are). Chandler wrote a great many well-constructed, entertaining, SF potboilers. He was an authentic ship captain in the merchant marine who wrote during the long nights at sea, and when he docked at New York, he would visit John Campbell, the famous editor of Astounding, carrying a bundle of manuscript with him.

I have several hundred volumes of folklore, myths, and legends from around the world, one of my finest subject collections. I’ve taken a quick cruise through them to find some of the the ones I remember best. One of the best folklore books I have ever read is James Izett’s Maori Lore. Izett was Scottish by birth, but a New Zealander by adoption who compiled the work on behalf of the government. I have no idea if it is in print, as my copy is a first edition from 1904. A very large, famous collection that I have only read parts of is The Legends and Myths of Hawaii by King David Kalakaua. Alice M. Terada (Hawaiian) wrote a nice collection of stories with brief notes, The Magic Crocodile and Other Folktales from Indonesia. A recently acquired collection that looks fascinating (but I haven’t read it yet) is Never and Always: Micronesian Legends, Fables and Folklore, by native college students.

Perhaps the most memorable African work was recorded by a French folklorist, D. T. Niane, who collected it from the lips of an old griot (bard) in Mali: Sundiata: An Epic of Old Mali. An enjoyable collection written by a native is The Orphan Girl and Other Stories: West African Folk Tales by Buchi Offodile.

There are many others, but I either haven’t read them yet, or they are written by Westerners.


No loophole there, Australians are Australians for the purpose of this thread.
My interest is authors from these places, as I said I don’t want to make it complicated with “where are they really from” etc.

I’ll try and see what I can find from these. I found @yebellz’s recommendation as an audio book and lots of cliff notes about it, but harder to get the actual book, so I guess I’ll need to be patient and not very hopeful about what will be available. :slightly_smiling_face::woman_shrugging:


I can recommend Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. And still on my list is Nnedi Okorafor, who is said to be really good (but I just saw that, though her parents are Nigerian, she was born and raised in the US, so I guess that suggestion doesn’t count…).