Any discord servers for an 8kyu player to join?

Id love to add some discord players on discord

The OSR has a discord.


do i have to pay to get on the discord?

Nope, you just have to join the league afaik.

Dont even have to join anything, no worries :wink: completely free forever and no pressure, you can just chat or attend the lectures, whatever suits you best.


Now I’m curious. What is “discord” even? Some server? Something here on OGS? What lectures? :slight_smile:

Discord is just a sophisticated group chat. Open study room is a group of go players that has a sophisticated league system that you can play both on OGS or KGS, players of all ranks and organizes free lectures.

Thanks, will check that out.

i find it strange how OGS does not have a discord server

We have English.