Any Go players in Australia? :)


[This is a repost from, but I thought I’d reach out to OGSer’s too]

Hi everyone!

I’m currently planning a visit to Australia from Dec 15 to Jan 7. Any recommendations for Go clubs/organizations? If you are an Australian Go player, would you be interested in meeting up and chatting around? :smile: Looking forward to meet new friends. Thanks a lot! :heart:

Cheers, Stephen Hu (xhu98)

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The three eastern capitals (Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne) are your best bet to find players. I live in Victoria, roughly 90 min drive west of Melbourne :slight_smile:


Great! On my route. My plan is to basically see if I can run into some club meetings and hang out with fellow Go players along the way; no sweat if it doesn’t happen. I have plenty of time, let me know if you’re down to meet up :smiley:

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Ballarat Go Club meetings are Monday’s 2-5pm :slight_smile: you’re always welcome if you’re in the area! :slight_smile:
If you’re on facebook, you might want to also advertise at

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I hear Adam might be idk if you talked to him or notz yetz

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Hi xhu98, probably better off looking at the
Aga website for australia

Has the major clubs on there for most cities in australia contact details.

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