Any Good Hardcover/Decorative Go Books?

Hi y’all.

This is kind of a weird request so sorry if it doesn’t fit.

I am wondering if anyone knows of any links for nice, hardcover Go books that could double as decorative pieces.

Something hardcover and large that would work on a coffee table, like in the following image:

We currently use history/philosophy books but that’s boring. Go is so much more fun and interesting :yum:


In English, the one I know is Shusaku-invincible but I can’t say it has a so nice couverture. There is the treasure chest enigma in smaller size.

Both come in rigid or not rigid edition, check it.

In Chinese I know much more, like some Goseigen collections but I dunno if you will be interested and how you can get them.


Thank you! I found this on Amazon but it was unfortunately in Chinese. It would have looked so great, if only it was in a language I could read :pensive:


There should be still many go diagrams to look at…
Nice choice!


Maybe not exactly what you are looking for …
but how about a book with Japanese woodblock prints (some even have go scenes)?


It’s not hardcover but there’s even a book all of them with go scenes

I recently purchased it, along with Invincible, to compare for coffee table quality:

It’s a little hard to give a strong recommendation to be honest, the contents is interesting no doubt (historical notes in both English and Japanese) but it’s not like a glossy hardcover book with high quality color plates… the reproduction is quite mediocre. I’ve had to look up pictures of the same prints on museum websites to get a good impression (British museum has a good browsable collection)


Thank you so much everyone! I ended up buying paper copies of some of the books mentioned here.

My plan is to use a book binding service to make them more decorative. I will post them here as an update if they look halfway decent :blush:


In big A4 format there are collections of problems in Chinese which come in not rigid couverture. If you plan a binding, these kind of books for go students are cheap and you don’t need to know a lot of characters (just black white correct wrong…).
Another interesting material to bind is go magazine like go world. Format a little bit smaller but great content in English. Awesome woodprints on front covers, you can use one of them on the rigid.
Weiqi Tiandi (main Chinese weiqi magazine) older years can be bought already binded in hard cove r. It’s massive.

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I think that one of the most flamboyant Go book covers is for my book (the epitomy of "do not judge a book by its cover :rofl:) and if you also want to read it I can send you one (zero cost for the book + shipping), but if you want it only for decoration then I can send you my last “first version sample” that the printer company sent me. Those do have the shiny cover, but they had not been subjected to the full treatment, so they are hard to hold open and read (unlike the finished result).

Therefore the sample version is not something that is suitable for studying, but if someone wants it for decoration, why let it sit there on my self and do nothing.

Here are the covers:


Any recommendations? For Chinese books, not necessarily Go Seigen. But if you know a single Go Seigen book that contains only his highlights instead of the complete 900+ games with commentary, that’d be nice. I’d like to roleplay as the protagonist from First Kyu, the novel.

There’s a fun anecdote here about studying Go Seigen’s games.

The only info I have about Chinese books are tchan001’s blog, but it stopped updating.

edit: Found what I was looking for: Go Seigen Omoide no Juuhachi Kyoku–Ima Nara Kou Utsu, hardcover memoir/18 games with commentary from Go. I think. I don’t read Japanese. Has a Chinese version. That is also hardcover? Not sure.

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A paperback glossy “The Art of Go”, but it is in Dutch.

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The Myosu magazine from Myeongji university baduk department was made for a few issues and had high production values with nice photos and features as well as the dryer go move analysis of instructional books. Would be suitable for a coffee table. I’m not sure if they even printed softcover copies but you can probably find pdf online and make your own.

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I saw this cute hardback on Umezawa Yukari’s blog. It appears that she authored it or at least advised its production in some way, as her name’s on the cover.

It’s titled プレッシャーに負けない 夢中になれば奇跡が起こる (YA心の友だちシリーズ) on Japanese Amazon and filed as a children’s book.

I own a Goseigen book on 10 of its most important games, in hard cover big format. A pleasure to read.

Besides it’s a bit difficult with Chinese weiqi books because you have to visit regularly book stores who usually only sell the newest publication (when they have weiqi books).
For luxury books like a reprint of old books in 20 vol you can find Sometimes by luck. This kind of books are very local edited and sold only in one city but not the others

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The Japanese books I have are quite nice.

I got them through

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