Any way to clear previous games?

So over the years I’ve been playing Go on and off. Lately I’ve been playing the game more frequently and I don’t think it’s going to stop. My problem is because of my inactivity I have two large gaps in my total games graph. It just looks really weird to me. I know I could just narrow it down manually but I rather just eliminate the older games at this point so it looks more consistent.

It’s not a major issue if nothing can be done.

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No, this can’t be done, as all those games are co-owned by your opponents and a part of your rating history. Games can be annulled but they cannot be deleted.


Graph only contains last 5000 games. The games beyond this number are cut off.

So the solution is relatively simple. Play some 5000 games.


I figure I asked. 5000 games? That definitely puts the whole “lose your first 100 games” on a whole new level.


With 10 games every day you’ll be done around the start of 2022 :slight_smile:


Three IGS users randomly checked just now have: over 14,000, over 30,000, and over 23,000 games. Sure, some of these can be shared ‘Go club’ accounts, but not all. What’s a measly 5,000? :smiling_imp:

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Amy-bot has over 500,000 games! (Based on game pages). For amy-bot, the last 5000 games were played in a 6-day span!

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