Any way to disable the half-visible stones in AI variations?

After a game, when there is an AI-suggested variation I’m reviewing, I do not like that it shows me the entire thing on the board, with faded out “future” stones. Can I toggle this on / off in any way?

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Do you have “AI review” turned off, by clicking on the computer icon (AI review item) in the right hand menu?

That should make it all go away.

However, there is definitely a bug (I just saw it when looking at this) where if you do some analysis with AI turned on, then turn it off, then some ghosts remain. @anoek is the one who can look at that.

Oye, yep. I’m working on the board code as we speak to help fix stuff like this


Thanks for working on it. Yes, that’s what happens – I’ll start a review with AI on by default, and then run across a variation that the AI found and I’ll want to view it but not have the entire thing instantly visible with “ghost” stones.

By the way, thanks for the site in general - it’s great!


I still have the same problem - seven months after this post, as we see on

Is there any prediction?

A workaround is to put 1 random stone anywhere (say A1). So it makes a new variation and AI stuff goes away

Found a way:
Put in zen mode and then press the black button:

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