Any way to make forums background darker like in "night mode"?

Hi, this is obviously not like a forum breaking issue, but I am having difficulty with my eyes when I use the main online-go site at night , in the night mode, then when switching to the forum page its all very bright because it is all white. I am thinking maybe I am not aware of some hidden option somewhere to switch on an alternate “night mode” color scheme? If it is available, could you point where it is? Thanks

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Click here: (adjusting url for username if you are someone else reading this).

and then:


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  1. Click on your username (top right corner)

  2. Click on moon (blue button)

For that purpose, you can use a URL like this:


Eye is better :wink:


Why is it better?

I really like the blue and orange colours over the pink and green colours.

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Thank you very much everybody! I do not know how I wasn’t able to find this in the options before.