Any way to turn off the weekend flashing?

I’m not sure of its purpose but it’s a bit distracting.
Is there a setting to turn it off, or make it smaller?

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If you’re on Firefox you can right-click the clock element, select “inspect element”, then right-click the respective line in the code and select “delete node”.

You could also automate this by writing a greasemonkey script, if you know how to do that or you’re sufficiently willing to learn.

Edit: uBlock also works (element zapper mode, click on the remaining time).

On balance, clicking Z (zen mode) in the slide menu is probably the easiest method.

I think smurph meant “Yes - use Zen mode” :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

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Buttt zen mode isn’t a setting.

Sure it is. You “set” it by clicking ‘Z’. :wink:

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Funny :slight_smile:

but isn„t zen a mode? and you can set a mode. and for sure you cannot mode a setting :wink: