Anyone want to watch: Reply 1988?!


Greetings and Felicitations to all!

There is a Korean drama made a few years back called: Reply 1988.

It features several families living in the same neighborhood in 1988 before cell phones and internet, one of the characters is a Pro Baduk/GO player. It is a bit of comedy as well.

I have watched two episodes so far. So plenty of time to catch up. Why do I like it? Watch it and see!


PS you can find it on several Asian drama sites.


Here is the scene that made me decide to watch it… Note it is not a show about GO.


Lol shes mean


Mean?? Really? How so??

I do love how she has no idea how to play, and her friend is a professional Baduk player. The playing in the grid is hilarious, along with his reaction. And the sheep bahing. Great!


I really enjoyed this clip!


Try the series. It has the South Korean charm…