API active game changes

Hello, I could use some hints how to correctly update my UI for changes in the active games.
The trivial approach i guess is to poll /api/v1/ui/overview in an interval and look for changes there.
But i feel that the usage of the websockets API might be the cleaner solution. But i can’t figure out to what channel i need to subscribe.

  1. Observe Games page
  2. Open Network tab
  3. view sent messages only
  4. Filter by “game”
  5. enjoy :slight_smile:

Also, the relevant source would be GobanCore. ctrl+Fing for _socket_on should get you where you need to go!


Thanks a lot @benjito!
I saw the game channel before, just didn’t expect it to be used for that purpose. But yes, it makes sense.

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I got it to work, thanks for your help so far!

I hope you don’t mind me asking two more questions:

  • what do i need to listen to on the websocket to get notified about new games created?
  • what would be the correct timeout for the ping/pong game the websockets play?

Thanks in advance for any answer.

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There will be an active_game message on the socket when there is a new game. I’m not sure how to get it though, but probably you need to send some combination of authenticate, notification/connect, and chat/connect (I always send all 3 of them after the socket is connected).

10 seconds. The code for that is located at src/lib/sockets.ts.


Thanks @HongAnhKhoa for your answer!

Unfortunately, i couldn’t get the active_game messages to appear so far.
I am sending both, notification and chat connect messages now. Although i have no idea what the ranking and ui_class parameters do, i don’t get any error messeages, so i assume they are accepted.

Any further ideas what I could try would be highly appreceated :slight_smile:

@monsterkodi have you made any progress on this? My guess is that you need to authenticate a user before you will be able to see the messages from active_games. Have you done anything with the authenticate message?

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Hello @benjito
thanks for asking. Unfortunately, no, i couldn’t get it to work.
And yes, i am authenticating myself. I guess i couldn’t play games otherwise.
I get all kinds of information on the web-socket, even stuff i didn’t ask for :slight_smile:
What I get:
pong, active-bots, score-estimator-enabled-state, automatch/* and game/* messages.
I noticed, that i don’t get chat messages when i chat during a game, although i send a chat/connect after authentication.
I am using the same socket.io-client node module as the code on github. What i find strange: the documentation states that i can add a callback as last argument to get some acknowlegment status, but those get never called, so i am not really sure the stuff i send gets accepted.

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This worked for me in the past: ogs_api/chat.py at master · flovo/ogs_api · GitHub

Note there is a separate chat-auth-token send with the connect message. Also you need to chat/join a chat to get chat messages.

I don’t think it will send you anything about games, not even game chat.


The server bundles them with the chat message, so the client can use these cached values until it receives the actual values over other API-calls.

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Thanks @flovo.
I got the game chat to work now.
But my main issue (getting notifications about new active games) is still unsolved :frowning:

I finally figured it out: it seems that the active_game messages get sent after a successful emit of notification/connect
My problem was that i somehow missed that there is a separate auth key for notifications.
I am happy now, and will even get chat working now, which wasn’t actually planned :slight_smile: Thanks all for your help!

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Hello again :slight_smile:

I have observed a weird behaviour of the web socket and thought it might be of interest to someone:

Sometimes the websocket announces old finished games as active games.
I haven’t figured out any pattern why it might do that, it happens not frequently enough.

I can just filter and ignore those games, but I am curious if that is a bug or am i missing something?

Could you share the json? Two scenarios I can think of:

  • casual rengo where you’ve left the game but the game is still ongoing
  • post game chat notification (not sure if this goes out over the active games api, just throwing stuff out there)
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Yes i will, i have to wait until it happens again though, which is not that often. Usually I notice it only when I use my client for longer periods (a couple of hours).

I am pretty sure it’s not one of the cases you mentioned. I have never played rengo and there is no new chat. Those are just arbitrary and quite old games. I have the feeling they are all from 9x9 tournaments, but i am not sure about that.

I will send you the data if it happens again.

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I have a theory that a server-restart causes this to happen, as well…