API feature - list games in tournament

I’d like to do some analysis on games in tournaments - I’m in a long-running tournament and I’m very interested in seeing the game trends over time. I see a couple of tournament methods in the API, but no method that takes a tournament ID as input and returns details about that tournament along with a list of games and generic details about participants (even just the count of participants at the time of the request)

I also can’t find a repo for the API itself so I could implement this method for myself. Short of scraping the website to find the details I’m interested, can I request either:

  • an addition to the API for a way to list the games in a tournament/participant details
  • access to the API repo to implement such a method

Memory is a little fuzzy but here you go:




This should work too shouldn’t it https://online-go.com/api/v1/tournaments/72565/players


Ah, that’s great! I didn’t see those endpoints in the api docs. Thanks for the help!

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Shhhh, that’s all about oral tradition! :wink:


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