Apparent bug in reporting rank

Thanks to everyone for their responses (the latest of which happened for me overnight). I certainly apologize to everyone for seeming egotistical and triggered. I didn’t feel that way, and I certainly don’t blame anyone here for anything.

I can certainly accept that 19x19 is the standard board size, and that OGS would only seem to “work right” for players who play a sufficient number of 19x19 games, and similarly for “live” games as opposed to the other two game time settings. I accept that the Overall Rank will be unusable if a person doesn’t play enough standard board size and time games. I never once objected to that, by the way. I do understand that ranking is difficult to calculate, being a go player and a retired software engineer.

I will therefore stop complaining now (at least until much more time has passed), in spite of how much this “apparent bug” annoys me. I have indeed posted about this “apparent bug” before, and may do so again if I get very annoyed with it again. In my previous complaint, the apparent “error in rank” was not as great as it was this time (a difference of 7, which is fairly enormous).

Again, I am not complaining at all by the error in calculating the Overall Rank. I hope that is well understood. I am only complaining about being shown only that rank for the player, and not the more accurate one, when my challenge is accepted.

The start of a game is a rushed time when I don’t want to make the opponent wait while I look up their more accurate rank in their info, particularly when the player plays immediately before sending any text (the more accurate rank is shown when text is shown). I feel that such a long pause before making my first move (to look up their full info, which includes all their rankings) would be impolite. I wish that all ranks were shown (or at least the most accurate one, for the timing category of the current game). But I will accept for now that this is impossible for some reason.

Thank you all for trying to help me. I very much appreciate the work that OGS has done to become such a nice platform for playing go, even the very strange form of go that I enjoy the most online (9x9 games played in 10 minutes).

Again, I apologize to anyone who was offended by anything I wrote. I never once intended offense, even when I felt attacked by the word “egotistical” and responded defensively (because, of course, my ego is in fact very strong). I’ll shut up for now, unless someone has something else to add.

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In my opinion, HowToPlay is very right that time-based ranks can be significantly outdated - and david265 is very right that for many players (including myself) it could be interesting to see the time-based rank during challenges .

I think that both game challenge and the top right of game screen should clearly display both - with an explanation: “13 kyu overall, 9 kyu correspondence.” I found this distinction confusing for a long time, so I think many others may apreciate clarity here. Game challenge graph can contain only one rank (as rank is a coordinate of the dot), but after hovering a mouse, it can display both.

I think this would be a solution that takes both HowToPlay’s and david265’s comments into consideration. Both had true and important comments and it seems to me that neither of them realized that both were right at the same time.

I’d say it was a misunderstanding frustrating for both parties; I perceive the sentence “I play mostly Live games” as an effort to illustrate one’s point very clearly, not as egoism.


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Ref, thank you for your beautiful posting, that so well presents the new ideas that two of us have presented here, and that have been presented, perhaps not so clearly, in other postings in the past. I hope your posting leads to action by the developers. And, yes, my statements describing how I use OGS were only ever meant to clarify that the impact of the current problems happened more for people in my situation than for people who play a mixture of game types. Printed comments are easy to misinterpret, particularly when emotions get involved.