Are the default player Icons unique?

Was just wondering if our default player icons were unique to each player. I haven’t seen the same one twice. Any one have any ideas?

This should pretty much answer your question. :slight_smile: (although I am pretty sure we don’t use e-mail address to generate the hash, but whatever)

(or to put it more simply, yes it is unlikely - though not impossible - you would see the same image twice)

Step 1: “We respect your privacy and won’t show your email address to anyone.”
Step 2: Create deterministic hashing algorithm that uses your email-address.
Step 3: Transform the hash into an image.
Step 4: Give hashing algorithm to interested parties.
Step 5: Profit.

As for how “unique” those images are - of course they can’t be, because they’re not infinite. But the probability of two users sharing an image should be bounded by the probability of a hash collision.


<-- :+1: about 45% success with that

Yeah, honestly not sure who thought it was a good idea to use e-mail for that :smiley: not the most worrysome private info you can lose, but why…


The idea is that you create an gravatar account for your email address. Then you can set there an profile icon which is synchronized with all your accounts. Then you can change your profile picture there and all your linked profiles will automatically use the new icon.

Ah, interesting :smiley: I guess it is obvious, it just did not occur to me someone would be too interested in having the same random color blob linked accross accounts :smiley: not like it is readily recognizable from the other blobs… Is that really a thing across a multitude of platforms?

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The idea that you upload your profile picture on, then gravatar returns your profile picture instead a pseudo random image.

there might be an unintended consequence using the same icon, say in linkedin and porn site. :smile:

Thank you everybody! I appreciate the responses

Just to confirm that OGS doesn’t use emails to generate this. That is obvious I guess because we don’t force players to supply an email address.


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Not necessarily obvious, because the “input” for that algorithm in the case of ‘no email provided’ could still reasonably be “” or “null”.

Still good to know. :slight_smile:

Are the gravitars missing on the forum for anyone else as of fairly recently? I just see a ? mark image for people who I assume haven’t uploaded a profile image. Because the people with custom images still show their image. As in I can see smurph and Green as jade but there’s ? for me drifterwolf merekbonedanger etc.

Curious if anyone else sees it like this?

@flovo Thanks, I was actually just reading that thread, noticed it on the home page after I commented on this