Are the ranks in downloaded SGFs ever going to be fixed?

For probably well over a year now, the ranks in SGFs downloaded from OGS have been wrong. There have been several threads about this.

Just a few minutes ago I wanted to download an SGF from the game page and post it to GoKibitz for review. On the game page my rank was displayed as 9k and my opponent’s as 2d, both with no question mark.

But what did the SGF say when I opened in up in Notepad, knowing I’d have to fix it? That I was 26k and that his rank was just “?”.

As far as I can tell, the ranks in almost all SGFs from OGS are wrong, often wildly so. Can we finally get it fixed please?


If they’re planning on fixing SGF related business can I suggest also fixing the names of the players in the SGF library. When you upload a new sgf the names of the players in nearly all of the games change, sometimes duplicating names from one file to all others. This is only in the library display, not in the game itself.

Or even just going in and out of folders messes up all of the names in the library page!


meows plaintively


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