Are the territory are correct on this game?

Not sure if I am just wrong ( just starting) or the computer give white way too much territory?

I am black

Go game app on apple store

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It’s wrong.
The black stones down are safe.

The problem is that the territories have not all their boundaries closed so I don’t want yet to steal the pleasure to you to finish them!
Because of this, the software become confused when calculating the score.

(Small spoiler but as you look to be new to the game) You will encounter a ko situation too, so if you haven’t yet read about it ( it’s a bit of more complicated part of the rule) it’s good time to have a look on that in one of the many tutorials for beginners.

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Thanks, great to get useful strategies

I notice the KO and can just protect to the left.

The computer just pass and declare a win after I pass.
Didn’t play against anyone yet, but I get destroy often white opponent just going behind my line.

The whole game he kept declaring a big chunk of white at bottom where even if I tried different option of play.
Even if area seems secure to me , I keet having to add stone behind my line, to avoid rampage. Just starting 13 board but that was my main problem on 9x9

If you put a picture of the game or even better a demo of OGS of the game you think finished I can check it.

Besides this, welcome to the quite difficult world of go. We all went in a hard time discovering the basics too so hope you keep up because all is greatly rewarded one day!