Are there any Go Clubs in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania?

Hey, hello! Is there any player here who’s from Philadelphia and knows a few Go clubs that are in the area?

Hello @_A1,

you may want to check this page:, there are two entries for Philadelphia there.

Cordially, Tom

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I only saw one, but thanks for the reply.

  1. (they also have a Go dept. now —>


I’m not too familiar with the US — are there two different “Philadelphia”?

no, its just pretty close to nyc and northern nj (and delaware, and part of maryland)

I don’t think that this site is very up to date, but it might be interesting:

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Since for some reason that doesn’t seem clickable for me, here’s a link to the World Go Clubs Map

Yeah, In the US, there are 50 smaller subdivisions-states. The Philadelphia that I’m looking for is in PA, not NJ.

I do believe that I’ve found some, though I would have to look in to them in later detail

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Suggest you verify before visiting…

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The Phoenixville Go Club meets twice a week and is 45 minutes or so West of Philadelphia. That one is definitely active…