Are you a developer? Want OGS on a mobile device?


Thanks for the feedback @korni. I don’t have a page per se, but we could try using the GitHub “Issues” feature for tracking bug and feature requests. The only downside to that it that it requires a GitHub user, which only other devs tend to have. The link is below:

A settings screen is high on my todo list, but to be honest I don’t know what other settings I should implement at this point… Just setting expectations here, getting a different theme right now is a major undertaking, particularily since I have the esthetic sense of a baboon and picking matching colours takes me forever :slight_smile:

@GreenAsJade I’ll do it at some point, it was just lazyness in my part since I wanted the game screen code to be common between games that you are involved in and games your are not (in which there is no “you” and “opponent”). Plus at some point I had something to the right of that label and if the text changed everything would be misalligned. Not the case anymore…


@MrAlex Yes I understand the “problem” with GitHub, but if at least you are feeling comfortable with it, then we can start adding things there. Perhaps even transfer some of the items users say here to GitHub just so others can keep track of what has been suggested.

Re theming, I can relate to this problem very well!

I will start putting things down on GitHub for you to review and some ideas about options too :wink:
Do let me know if I can be of any help to your development process, although I understand that feedback is the most crucial help at this stage.


Can anyone provide a link to the react project? I’d happily contribute.


New version, alpha_b59 should be available in PlayStore in a few minutes. Changes:

  • Ability to see the last 10 games you finished and look through the moves (the UI for that is still work in progress)
  • Ability to create a new account
  • A new attempt at fixing the crash that is causing about 80% of all errors. I think I got it for good this time.
  • Some internal refactoring preparing for the big push of making everything available offline.

The rest of the 20% of the crashes are caused by missinterpreting the time controls of some of the games, could somebody please provide me with an example of such a game so I can debug?

Sorry @korni, didn’t manage to get around to look at the settings. Google IO was a few weeks ago and I need to try out some of the stuff they announced in here…


No worries mate, it is not a major thing at the moment. :wink:
Can’t wait to see the new things you’ll try.

On every update, the username/password resets. Is that something you can circumvent?
I’ve left some further “issues” on the GitHub page.

The new update is really useful, being able to see finished games!


Hmmm… it shouldn’t happen… I haven’t seen it on my phone, it might be something related to a particular version of Android (?)


Never had this on other applications. I’m on 8.1, although I’m on a custom ROM. It’s not a major issue for me, so let’s assume it’s specific to my android version/phone for now.


It’s been a while since I actually opened this app. It’s really starting to look good! Keep up the good work <3


Thanks @BHydden Why do you think you’re not opening the app? What’s missing for you?


@MrAlex just speaking for myself here, but I quit using the app not because of the app but because I cannot play on a cell phone: the display is just too small for me. I could play on a tablet, but then I would just use firefox as I currently do on my desktop computers.


@Musash1 thank you for the feedback. Could you please let me know what device are you using? I’ve played the app on both my old Oneplus 2 and my new S9+ and they were comfortable to use even when playing 19x19, despite me having quite thick sausages for fingers. (they are both 6 inch phones though)

I think the problem here is that for small devices there isn’t much to be done… I am already removing all margins from the left and right when on the game screen to maximize the board size and I am using a two-step confirmation to avoid misclicks… since the board must be square (otherwise it would not look as GO) I don’t know what else could I do - I’ve seen zooming done in an app and I found it confusing as hell.

New OGS Android App

I haven’t tested your app, but still wanted to mention that I find a special sort of zooming fairly useful. Like this: Normally show the entire board. On clicking, do not place a stone, instead zoom into the area centered on the clicked point. The next click places the stone an switches back to full view (possibly after a short delay, 0,5-1 second maybe) and highlight the newly placed stone. Gives you fine control when you need it, but gives you the overview before and after.

Gogrinder works similar to this btw.


hmmm… might be interesting, I’ll check gogrinder out. It would definitely annoy the crap out of me on a big phone, but maybe I could make it a setting somewhere…


Yes, I agree such a feature would absolutely need to be optional. Anyone who doesn’t need it would be immediately annoyed. Others might be delighted.


@MrAlex I can no longer play correspondence go and there is no way I’d play live games on my S7. So I have little need for all the apps I downloaded back when I was playing correspondence.


Fair enough. But out of curiosity why wouldn’t you consider playing live games on the S7? Live games is what I enjoy the most and I played a few of them on both the old and the new phine, using the app (normal timer, not blitz). As far as I can tell it works quite nicely, the biggest “problem” I encountered is long waiting queues (but that’s out of my hands) and the minor inconvenience that the timer does not stop at the end. In fact one of the reasons I’m writing the app is so that I can mix playing chess (the app) with playing GO.


Just personal preference I guess. I didn’t mind playing correspondence on the S7 but if I’m going to play live online I’d rather have a computer screen or at the very least a tablet but maybe not even then (though maybe with a stylus tablet would be better)


@MrAlex do not take my comments as criticism! I think you are doing a fantastic job!! :heart_eyes:

I am using a Sony Xperia and I think the screen is just a bit too small for me to play a 19x19 game. I imagine that the suggestion from @richyfourtytwo could be an improvement for smaller screens. However, I am also like @BHydden – I no longer play correspondence and I too just have my personal preference to play live on a larger screen. I guess 13x13 on my Sony Xperia might be worth testing …

Keep up the good work!! Maybe I’ll start using the app for live games after all! :sunglasses:


– Musash1


New version, alpha_b60 is on the way to your phones as we speak. You shouldn’t notice much difference (hopefully) but in reality it’s been a lot of work for this one: we now have a local database that is backing everything up. Sounds simple, but it took a major refactor to get this going, I think I rewrote about 20% of the code of the app :slight_smile: So expect some things that used to work to show problems. Please let me know if this is the case.

I have also added more analytics and crashalytics to see what’s causing the app to crash (to be fair alpha_b59 was very stable, but the new one might not).

After so many hours tinkering with the database I think I will be working on some UI next. As usual, please write your feedback and feature requests here.


@MrAlex I also submitted feedback via the Play Store, then noticed your request to provide feedback here. Sorry for the double posting, but not sure where you’d prefer to see this…

I just started using this with alpha_b60 for the first time. The app let me into and through the initial login screen, but unfortunately crashes immediately after. I’ve tried wiping data, force stopping and restarting, all with the same result. Running on a Google Pixel, unlocked and rooted, with stock Android 8.1.0.