Are you a developer? Want OGS on a mobile device?


I can confirm that I didn’t have a notification from a move received overnight, I left it open (but in the background).

However, for me the Chrome OGS notifier is also not working, so it may not be your app…


Well, the thing is for this feature to work reliably I need one of the backend devs to implement sending of push notifications through Google Cloud Messaging. I am not versed in the politics of this, is there a chance that they could be convinced to do it?

If that doesn’t happen then the only thing I can do is poll and Android REALLY does not want you to do such a thing since it wastes battery. Who knows what settings you guys have that make the battery saving policies really aggressive… and it’s your right to have them so.


I switched off the battery optimizations for the app. Lets see what happens…


Wait… I think I found the bug, it’s got nothing to do with battery, it’s a change in Android Oreo about how notifications are handled. Thanks for mentioning that in the initial post, otherwise I wouldn’t have figured it out. Please give me a few minutes, you should have a fix soon.

Edit: basically this:


Build 42 is up, please update and let me know if it fixes it for you.


Thanks for the update mate, notification works for me after the update. Any ideas about the other problem I’m having?


Can you please remind me what that problem is?


How do I get a new version? I have alpha_b2

I uninstalled and reinstalled from the store, that’s what I got.


Once you install with the link it should be updated with the rest of your google play apps. For whatever reason though I see that the version string is stuck at alpha_b1 for whatever reason, so there is no way right now to know what version you have. But if you reinstalled, you should have the latest.


I imagine the demand for an app has to be awfully low. The site is responsive design and works great on mobile devices.


It ain’t going to top the charts in terms of active users, that’s for sure. It has exactly 46 at this point :slight_smile:


Thank you for your effort! and I am looking forward to working plus button :slight_smile:


I think that MrAlex phone-custom method of inputting, and larger board-on-screen are worth it alone. I might actually play a turn or two on the phone with that, wheras I find OGG, nice as it is, to be too small.

But as I said for me the compelling thing is notifications … and it’s working now! :slight_smile:

(Chome notifier still isn’t :frowning: )


Exactly as Green has said. I think the site is usable though a custom-made interface is (slightly) better. Notifications are a big thing that can only be done properly in native (and I will improve on them given time). I also wanted to add a few extras, such as the ability to quickly review your finished game, perhaps even offline. You could then review your games during a subway commute for example.


Hey @MrAlex I’m loving the notifications.

I have one definite bug (or not yet implemented feature?) to report, and one suspicion.

For the “bug” - do you know that MrAlexApp can’t render forked games? So it alerts me that I have a turn, but the board remains empty.

The suspicion: I think I’m getting re-notified about having a turn waiting for a game. I can’t quite nail it down when this happens, but is this maybe a thing? Something like: I have two turns outstanding, and get notified. I go to my laptop and play one of those. Then I get notified again about the other. I don’t have enough evidence yet, but I think that happened.




  • Notifications are working fine.

I had thought that the notification would go away if I played the turn, but it doesn’t, I have to clear it myself.

That’s OK.

Though … it would be great if it went away :slight_smile:

  • Forked games: the app only renders stones played after the fork.

This comes up because it is good to fork a teaching game and let the student take the other side.


Is there a public API for OGS? I wouldn’t mind trying my hand at making a free iOS Client.


There is.

You can start finding info about it here:

and here:



Hey guys, sorry for the long absence. I had a bit more time to work on this project this week and made a new release today:

  • New game (the plus floating button) now works. Please try it out and provide feedback.
  • Improved notifications. They now get dismissed if you move (thanks @GreenAsJade for the suggestion). You also don’t get re-notified for the same game.
  • Tinkered with the colors some more.
  • New build system since BuddyBuild got aquired and killed by Apple in a duchebag move. I’m using Microsoft’s App center right now. As a bonus, app version is now visible in the title.

As for forked games… sorry, didn’t even knew those existed :slight_smile: I’ll study the mechanism when I can get the time.


I thought I could give it a try, but I can’t login. I tried everything, help!