Are you worried about coronavirus?

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I’ve been spending pretty heavily on Amazon as some retail therapy :expressionless:

Well, heavily for a NEET

btw. I love that we exported the term NEET to Japan where it’s been so heavily absorbed, lol

Should I buy a copy of The Games of Shuei for £66? It seems like way too much. Also I like Shuei, but I don’t like John.

I’ve hesitated to post on this discussion so far but I can’t resist to tell you I think the Wii shop network has been defunct for some time now. I think they (Nintendo…) phased out all networks on the Wii :confused:

Sure, you can still buy discs and put them in though.

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Well, I’ve just finished my last big order from Amazon.

So now, as I said before, I’m just going to sleep this one out.

'night o/

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Off to bed.



Are there any evidence for what you’re saying? Where does this come from? It’s not like I don’t believe you but at the moment a lot of media is excited about hyping up the panic.


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This morning I went for groceries, my first outing in nine days, shortly before the state of emergency was declared. The mood on Rue Paul Street was appropriately sober, though not what you’d call gloom and doom. Still no sign of Rue Paul.

I think the shoppers generally did a good job of distancing. This became a bit difficult in the aisles, and the recommended distance wasn’t always strictly observed. But on those occasions there appeared to be a mutual turning aside of bodies as the ships passed, so it seems we were alright.

I was pleased to see that the store was no longer playing old pop tunes over the public address system. Keeping up morale is one thing, but at some point the irony can become overbearing. Had Petula Clark begun singing “Downtown” I might have struggled to keep my composure.

Afterward I was helping my eighty-five year old mother make sandwiches, and she wanted to use the bread I had just brought from the store. This necessitated the following:

  1. Open plastic bread bag.
  2. Wash hands.
  3. Reach inside bag with right hand while holding bag steady with left hand.
  4. Remove bread without allowing it to touch outer surface of bag. Place bread on clean surface.
  5. Close bag. Remove bread in bag to segregated area.
  6. Wash hands.
  7. Disinfect countertop area where bag was sitting.
  8. Wash hands.
  9. Worry about steps you may have omitted.

Thank goodness these grocery runs aren’t an everyday thing. I’m going squirrely and this is only the beginning.

Stay clean everybody.


Meanwhile nothing changed for people with germophobia…




Today my coffee and cinnamon sweets arrrived. Neither were very good. Holding on for my wintergreen tictacs.

Fourth day sober :expressionless:

I forced myself to stop therapy-buying on Amazon. Wish I had some jam doughnuts.

Wanted to make biscuits. No plain flour.

Next on Bugcat’s Bleakness: “trying to get back into chess”


Read it many years ago. As relevant as ever:


When some kids surfing is still on in a town when all other town activities are closed due to the coronavirus. Doesn’t this go against what we are standing for in the separation rules. I don’t see how it is necessary, while we can’t go to a park to do “unnecessary” exercise there.

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I thought about it and I think it’s media fear-mongering again.

Yes, the articles talk about rise in pneumonia cases by ~2000 compared to previous year but in January. In January the virus was only getting out of China, I really doubt you can attribute these cases to coronavirus. I don’t think timeline-wise it makes sense to have thousands of cases in January already. (And by now that would mean hundreds of thousands of cases hid by the government which maybe would be noticeable). Is there really no other possible reason to have an increase in pneumonia cases?

Frankly, ridiculous.


I hope you are right

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