Area vs territory scoring: help!

I played a game against my phone, and when I used Japanese counting I get the same scoring answer as my phone (36-Black to 19.5-White). But when I try area counting I get a wildly different figure (69 Black to 34.5 White). Clearly, I have made some grievous error. I would be very grateful if some kind soul could review the game and show how the final board should be scored using area counting. Thank you!

Your area scoring is off. Area is calculated by counting the number of points controlled by each player, including stones on the board, then adding komi. This means the players’ scores should always add up to the number of points on the board (81) plus komi (7.5), or 88.5. You have 69 + 34.5 = 103.5, so it’s wrong. I count 52 + 36.5 = 88.5.

I added a variation to your game to show what area Black controls. White controls the rest.


I just figured out what I did. Thank you!