Arrows to change Game board

Hi there.

I dont know about other people but I find myself frequently looking at the correspondence games, checking them, thinking about them and so on. But, to go from one of my boards to another i have to either click back, or home to get to the thumbnails of the boards, then click on the game i would like to look at.

My suggestion would be this… Add arrow buttons to navigate to a different board that is part of the games that a person is playing. This could be added either at the top task bar or in the collapsible menu to the right of the screen I think. Or even make it a part of the screen but not on a task bar, there is plenty of space on there to put on in, and it need not be a side arrow system but a vertical one going down the list of games, as I know not everyone has thumbnails for all the games they play.

Another addition to this would be a middle button that can go between the arrows that I am suggestion, that would offer a collapsible menu of the names of the opponents that a person is currently playing, so instead of clicking through several boards they can just go to the different names, and clicking on the name could bring a person to that game that they are playing. And in the case of playing the same person on multiple boards, a number in a bracket could determine which game to navigate to.

I dont know how valid an idea this is, but its just something I think would be handy for myself personally. I hope this is at least an interesting enough idea to consider.

Thanks for reading.

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Do you see the number of games you have in play in a circle in the top right?

You can click that to get to the next one.

Will that do the job, at least to start with?

The idea of seeing a games list drop down is nice… it could be an improvement.

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I do indeed, i know that function, but most of the time, i find myself looking through my boards, when i have no moves to play.

I also think this function that i am suggesting would be helpful for people who play multiple lives games at once, they can then flick between the multiple boards they are live playing.

I like the idea, I’ll keep it in mind as we consider the next possible iteration in ui/ux which is coming up I think


Sweet! i look forward to the updates, and if i have any more ideas i shall let you guys know.