Artificial Intelligence accounts should be prevented from joining tournaments and ladders

This doesn’t seem to be an issue with most of the special accounts labeled as “Artificial Intelligence”, but this “Kyu_player,” account is joining quite a few tournaments as well as participating in the three primary site ladders.

In my opinion, this shouldn’t be permitted for AI accounts. I don’t think many people are interested in playing against bots in tournaments/ladders, and I’d certainly be disappointed if I got matched up against it in a tournament.


He’s done it for a while and I agree it’s bad behavior on the part of bot operators.


I think it would be nice if there’s an option in tournaments/ladders to specify whether bots are allowed or not. As for Title tournaments, I’ve manually removed it from the Honinbo tournaments and invited it to the Alan Turing tournaments.


Thanks @gamesorry. Any mods or site devs that can remove it from other tournaments? It seems to have joined every upcoming correspondence tournament, and I highly doubt that any of the players want it there.

I reported it several times before making this post to try to get some moderator attention, but I never received a response so I think reports on AI accounts might just be auto-ignored.

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@mlopezviedma @crocrobot @anoek perhaps need to do something about it.

It was annoying enough when he’d post and join open game matches (people not specifically looking to play a computer). Joining something like 20 tournaments just seems insanely rude? He’s also in all 3 ladders.

If provisional accounts can’t enter ladders/tournaments, perhaps it just needs a billion provisional games set.


I spoke to the owner about this issue. He seems to have responded by deactivating the whole bot.


Thank you, @mark5000. Honestly, him deactivating it is probably the best result for everyone since he really didn’t seem to recognize that other people wouldn’t want to randomly find themselves playing against a relatively strong bot.

It still seems to be registered in the ladders and a number of upcoming tournaments though, is it possible to remove it from those?

I do still think it would also be nice to add some protections against this on the site end - the accounts with the “Artificial Intelligence” flag shouldn’t even be able to accept open game challenges or join ladders or tournaments (unless they specifically say they allow bots).