Asking for review, 15k vs 16k 19x19

At move in this game 70, after I had wone a fight in the middle, I felt very confident about my position. Yet I lost alot of territory throught the game, and I wonder where I made the biggest mistakes. At 210 I made a stupid mistake, and played a few frustrated moves, but I had lost at that point anyway.

I added some more comments / questions to certain moves of my own game.

Any comments are highly appreciated.

Your play in this game is similar to my usual play. I have a tendency to go for influence of the centre vs territory on the corner/sides in the opening. I used overvalue central influence. However, I have come to realise you can not afford to neglect the sides for 2 main reasons.

  1. It is easier to make your own territory on sides
  2. If you let your opponent make to much territory in the opening you end up being under to much press in the middle game.

My review of the game :