Asking for review, 16k vs 16k on 13x13

would any skilled player be so nice to review this game?

I’m mostly curious about the sequence 18-25, when white, in sente, did the “same” move four times. It really made me nervous. I thought like “he must be sure to know what he’s doing” although eventually, I won by quite a margin.

I will be happy for any general suggestions to my gameplay as well!

He plays some stiff inefficient moves, and doesn’t see vital points. I was making the exact same mistakes a few weeks ago till someone made me see it. But you saw the weakness in several key shapes and took advantage of them. I don’t see anything that you did poorly personally. Just took what you were given and played at it in a straightforward and reasonable way. Keep it up in my opinion. I’m sure higher kyu’s will see things I don’t, and there were maybe a couple moves that took a few points more. But just killing the F2 group alone was a good play that took down the game for you. GG.