ASO - Austrian Season Opening (02./03.03.2024)


Like last year “Wake UP Austria!”, we are trying to revive the Austrian tournament scene. For this purpose we are currently in the midst of organizing an online tournament ( → Events → ASO Austrian Season Opening) again (procedure like a classic offline tournament) on March 2nd/3rd, 2024.
This online tournament will also help cover the expenses of our offline tournaments (Ländle Cup in late August).

We are happy to be announce that our event will also be streamed again under the following link: The comments will be made in german and will cover the entirety of all played boards, not only the first two.
It is a matter of great importance to us to therefore be able to share information with all players not only those at the top boards.

We would be happy to see as many of you as possible whether it be by participating in our tournament or as a viewer in the stream!

If you have any questions, feel free to send them to me via Discord (Invitationlink: “jUvhkn4vsz”) (hippopotamus47) or in the #go-turniere thread.

Keep Sente!

Bernd Theodor “Hippopotamus” Breyer

Chairman of D.E.K. Hungry Hippos


There are more than enough seats in our tournament =)


We need your help to fulfill our last seats on our tournament!