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I have noticed a couple of times that white is assigned to the the weaker player. How come? It seems to me that that the weaker player should always get black.

I guess if colour=random is chosen then that’s how it will be. Not sure how “automatic” works though. I’d expect it to assign the weaker player black but wouldn’t be too surprised if it did something else!


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Some examples (urls to games) might help. In the case of custom games, anything goes, so you could easily assign white to the weaker player.


For examples see:


So none of these games were created by you. The game creator can choose how to assign colours. You can check what colour you’ll be before you accept a custom challenge. Not sure how automatch works or how tourney games are set though.

Maybe someone in the know can explain how “automatic” colour assignment works.

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By the way, I’ve never understood why the weaker player “should” take Black.

In a normal online game, White receives komi to offset the first-move advantage, so it’s theoretically no more difficult to take White than Black.

Isn’t it just a piece of traditional etiquette, like the top right corner opening? Or is it thought that at lower levels, the first move is worth more than six or seven points, the usual value of komi?

(I’d argue for random colours to be default and rank-based colours to be the custom option, but that’s a discussion for another day.)

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Yeah, I always set it to random; I’m not sure why automatic is set up the way it is.

But how is automatic set up? (Sorry I’m too lazy to check the FAQ or do my own research!)

In my experience it seems to always assign Black to the weaker player even in even games.

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That makes sense to me for traditional reasons, recognising bugcat’s objections. Thanks.

Well, then I must conclude that not always automaticaly assigning black to the weaker player is a bug in the application software.
Who can fix this?

By the way, I use the OGS online-go site (Play Go at! | OGS) to play. It is not possible to set a color in a normal (Normaal) game. That’s only possible when you create (Aanmaken) a game.


I think this only happens when you choose “automatic” in the custom (Aanmaken) game option.

I don’t know how the “automatch” (blitz/normal/correspondence) operates for colour assignment. Maybe random?

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The black player has at least 4 or 5 moves in sente. That + komi points perhaps equals the difference. If the difference is more than 1 stone black should get 2 or more stones in advance,