AST Banners/double games

We used to get banners for when our games started in ASTs, and that was nice because I would be doing some correspondence moves or something and then see it and click on it. It usually isn’t bad to not have the banner, just a minor inconvenience and you can tell if your game started based on the clock.

The issue is when it glitches and gives you multiple games at once. That used to give you multiple banners instead of just one so you could see that you had two games and switch back and forth between them doing your moves. Now, there are no banners for either one.

In today’s tournament,, we got two games each(including byes to some people as one game). A bunch of people didn’t realize and timed out of at least 1 game.

There should either be some better notification system or something so people are notified of double games, or it could show in the tournament page.