AST schedule time

I know why but still kind of bug.

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The title of the tournament can’t and shouldn’t be region specific.

The start time details can and should be.

Don’t see this as a bug personally.

How you would call it? A glitch maybe?


One is a title that includes the UTC date time to make it a UID.

The other is information about when the tournament starts, that is helpfully converted already into your local time.

Just remember that you’re in a +8 timezone :man_shrugging:

Yes. As i said i know why.
My problem is how to qualify this inconsistency in proper english for programing.

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Do you mean inconsistency?

Yes (edited,thx)

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I still don’t personally think it’s a real problem, but in the spirit of thinking of solutions, the only ones that come to mind are.

  1. Add “UTC” to the end of the title
  2. Use iterative numbers (1, 2, 3, etc.) instead of UTC time in the title
  3. In the tournament information, display both server time and local time next to each other.

Personally I don’t think any of those are more elegant than what we already have, but do you think any of those would resolve your concerns?


I think inconsistency is a problem. A user gets two different information so he will have to determine which is the correct one.
I don’t say it’s a major problem, i just point out it so that some day someone may correct it.
And i still don’t know how to qualify it for programers.

For user easyness, i would prefer to have twice the time automatically adjusted on his time zone. My guess it’s the most complicated on the programming side.
Mentioning UTC in the title is the next way to avoid the user to determine which time is relevant. To be complete a mention like “in your time zone” can be added for the second occurence in the page.
A last solution is a deeper redesign to not have to put a time in the title.

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It’s not good to have different titles for different people. If one person says “please join tournament x” the other would say “I don’t see tournament with that name”


I think they should b labeled superbowl style

Live 19x19 Swiss Tournament MMMLXVII


But yeah @BHydden is right, we can’t easily have dynamic titles because titles are arbitrary strings, so how would one deal with a tourney like this?

Best I could think of is placeholders like:

“Tournament %START_DATE% %START_TIME%”

could be localized for each user something like:

“Tournament 2022-01-21 00:30”

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That’s right. So we have to put UTC in the title if we keep the time as part of the (same) name

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This feels like the right answer

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