At review: can you remove showing suggested moves by AI?

After I have played a game, I usually like to go through it. If my opponent is an OGS subscriber (well done), every move has AI suggestions which makes it very annoying for an old man like me to just check the board. Have I missed a setting or is this the way it’s supposed to be?


There’s a button called disable AI review if you just want to hide all the move suggestions

It’s either on a popup menu on the side of the board on a desktop


or below the board on mobile.

Additionally, there’s a keyboard shortcut to toggle, Shift+i, to turn on/off the ai review.


Thank you.


thank you

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There are certain situations that are always shown when stepping through a game, regardless of the setting of that option. Suddenly having a bunch of numbered stones on the board is quite confusing to me, too. The last time I complained about this I was attacked by lots of people who didn’t understand the problem. I don’t have the ability to see behind a lot of numbered stones. The only workaround seems to be to make a random move (like inside a territory) in order to hide the numbered stones. I can’t remember now whether it happens just by stepping through the game or whether the Analyze mode has to be activated manually.

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Late response, but I feel I need to pay heed to your comment, because I think you are right.

I still am unsure whether I have missed a setting or something, but the AI suggestions seem to show up at some point no matter what I do. Personally, I just replay the game on a real board, and/or a go-software unrelated to OGS. I like to practice memorization anyway. It is not the optimal solution, but it is enough to make me happy. And when I do it like this, the AI suggestions on OGS actually help me because it is never my primary board.