At the end of the day 🌌(with super mario song)

At the end of the day
This is the song that we play
Game over in a peculiar way

We wave good bye to the sun
Have one last run, and
North Korea won son

Oh wait i have daughters
And blotters for my spotters
And while the topic teeter totters

This one is for all the fathers who lost sleep
Who drive 15 hours a week
To a job that they hate
To put food on the plate

You know what they say?
Whats the weather today?
Slightly cloudly with a chance of decay.


At the end of the day
There’s a game that I play
It’s a struggle, it’s a war
But it never becomes a chore

Sometimes I know where to Go
Reaching down from on high
Or my brains turn to jelly
and the game ends with a sigh.