Attach or knight move? The reason to choose classical joseki!

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This is a very good video and I agree with the conclusion that the AI joseki gives too much influence to the opponent, since I have been trying this a lot lately (along with a lot of 3-3 invasions) and I almost always end up with the opponent getting too much influence.

The only thing I would like to suggest is that there is something important missing about the issue with the extension at the star point. For example, I’ve rarely experimented with playing this:

Because I am afraid of White playing A (securing a large corner) and later B.
As you mentioned, without A the invasion at B is not something that cannot be handled, but if I am not mistaken that is true because the stone at 4 can be treated as “light”. Without that explanation there is a question that arises naturally later in this diagram:

So, once you’ve covered the problem with the Knight’s move at 6, why can’t you now extend at 8 and the joseki is at the square and the AI says “extend at the triangle”?

It seems counter-intuitive to propose that now that we have more stones we need to be more careful with out extension, and I think it is a natural question for a DDK and high SDK.
I do not pretend to certainly know the answer. I think that the answer is that now the invasion at A or the attachment at the triangle is more dangerous, because the exchange of moves 5-6 makes those stones “heavy” and not something we can easily discard anymore.

Again, I want to make clear that I am not sure if this is the answer, which is exactly why I noticed why it was missing from the video and I think that other viewers might be left wondering about it as well and maybe a quick answer can be added as a comment in YT.

Thank you for your video :slight_smile:


A really really good video for me - totally understandable and addressing the exact sort of questions I’ve faced with this whole business.


Thank you for the question!

For the first example, after white played at point A and invaded at point B, Black still has some counterattack like the peep at E3, this peep could prevent white to play an attach on F2. But, I think it is important to remember that, white already spent one more move at the corner, so it is not a pity to give up some territories to white.

And for the second question, “why can’t you now extend at 8”, your explanation is also correct. My explanation would be, the exchange of 6 and 7 actually give up the 3-3 invasion, so it is not wise for black to surround two more points but leave some defects to the territories, this is overplayed.