Attachment/Contact play - Can anyone point me to some study material?

It seems wrong to say that I have a weakness in my game, because my playing is nothing but weakness - However I have noticed I’m particularly bad at dealing with contact. Someone told me that contact play disadvantages the initiator more than the opponent, since it’s the opponent who has the choice of responses, and I can see this at a theoretical level, but in game I don’t have the skill to effectively deal with it. So I obviously need to do some work here. Can anyone point me towards any material that might help?

I’m just a measly ~11-13k player, but the first things that came to my mind (as responses to contact play) were:


See also:

I hope somebody will give you better answers :slight_smile:

Cordially, Tom

Thanks. Also I’d consider it a major accomplishment to be a “measly” 11-13k player.

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Oh :blush:

TBH, I get the impression that, no matter what rank people may reach, they’ll always have the feeling they are a “measly” whatever they are :smiley: A friend of mine is a young Korean 9d, and when once I said something to him about how strong he is, he replied, “I’m not that strong” … and then I saw him beat some 4 and 5 dan players on a real board with such an amazing relaxed play, with a lightness, with an elegance, that made me watch with my mouth wide agape.

So … I’m quite content with being a measly [whatever] player, and I don’t expect to be anything else in this life :slight_smile:

Greetz, Tom

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I should maybe add that if you can point me to a game in the library where someone dealt with this effectively - that counts as study material too - in return I can point you to games of mine where it was dealt with badly :slight_smile:

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I’d say … just pick ANY game here, and you’ll find examples of both :smiley:


Bruce Wilcox “Contact Fights” DVD.

If you continue to browse through their youtube channels, I think you will have plenty of material.


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