Audio updates v2

Hello all!

Base on feedback from Audio update poll and Audio updates I’ve included several updates:

  • There are now several stone sound options, including the “old” sounds (labeled “Original (2013)”)
  • The default stone sound is now a recording of a floor goban that’s been isolated a bit more. The new-old sounds are still available if you prefer them under “Floor Goban (room)”
  • Per-sound options have been added so you can toggle off individual sounds, or use their “effects” counterparts if you prefer a sound, just not a voice.
  • The “old” number countdown voice has been added as an option under “Amy” - note that there are only numbers 1-10 available, so any numbers beyond that range will default back to the effects sound, which is the clock tick-tock effect.
  • The game start / end sounds have been updated to use voice overs (“Game started”, and “You have won” / “black wins”, etc.). If you like the effect versions (ie the bowls of stones effects) you can toggle them on under the individual sound options.
  • Some code has been added to hopefully fix the “no sound” problems on mobile. You still might have to click once to hear sound, this is an artifact of browsers trying to stop auto-playing sounds on sites.
  • Volumes have been increased for all sound samples, but we also added a master volume control that defaults at 80% so it shouldn’t be too much louder by default - however you should be able to increase the volume a bit more now by increasing the master volume.

Feedback on the updates is appreciated!


I like this update. :green_heart:


There’s a sound effect for “tie”. Is that now an actual possibility (besides from moderators manually declaring one) for games with integer komi?


I think it once was, now I don’t think so, but it should be - so it’s there for a future bug fix :smiley:


Great job! :+1:t2:

If I would like to be picky, I would like better pronounced “overtime” :slightly_smiling_face:

  • Is it just me or are the Table and Melamine stone sounds identical?

  • In settings, there’s a spelling mistake: Efffects

  • More stone sounds would be very welcome!

I love that you guys are working on improving the sounds. Aesthetics are very important! Thanks for your hard work, keep it up!


Very meaningful attention to detail. OGS is a great overall experience, and well worth supporting.


Pretty similar, but no they are not. Table has a bit more base, it’s sampled with slate stones as opposed to Melamine.

Thanks! I’ll get it fixed up in a few.

Any specific requests?


This is well on track to be the best audio system of all go servers.
Minor glitches (should go to github but I don’t feel like bothering with that)

  • She announced second byo yomi period when I clicked at the last millisecond. The move registered on time and I was still on 3 periods for the rest of the game.
  • Got repeatedly spammed by “opponent disconnected” “opponent reconnected” “opponent disconnected” “opponent reconnected” with some laggy player
  • Seems that with 3 OGS tabs open I hear the same audio 3 times
  • Clicking “pass” causes counting to start. Clicking “accept” interrupts the announcer (Please remove the …)

I feel dumb asking this question, but how does one chooses between the new-new, new-old, and old sounds? I don’t see any related option in my settings panel


You might need to shift-reload


Being honest, I don’t really have much of an opinion on the sounds (I usually have everything really quiet, or muted so I can just play music), however, I am a fan of progress and updating, so I’m happy about this.

I have to say though, the sound options are really dominating the settings page - doesn’t feel great. Maybe they could have their own page? Or maybe even move the options to the bottom of the settings page?


Never mind. It was indeed a dumb question. Turns out I hadn’t reloaded the page in a while…


Yeah the settings page needs a bit of work, I’m planning on updating that soon


Is there an option to disable the “disconnected/reconnected/player disconnected…” etc sounds without turning off stone sounds and everything else?


Yes it’s there on the settings page


So many new options… thanks!


I encounter some bugs/annoyances:

  • On game page I don’t get any sound if the volume was 0 when the page was loaded. Changing the volume in the right panel doesn’t activate the sound. (Firefox desktop and mobile)

  • When the volume is active, moving the slider to 0 doesn’t prevent the sounds from being played. The sounds are played inaudible at 0 volume. On mobile this causes my music app to stop each time a player makes a move, although OGS doesn’t produce any audible sound.

  • On the settings page I have to select a voice/sound option first. Without explicit selecting one, no sound is played when pressing the play button.

  • The order of the individual sound options is strange. Last period if far away of 2-5 period, black wins, white wins and tie are far away from each other, while the user probably wants to alter all of them, not only one. We should probably find a more intuitive order. Alphabetic order isn’t very helpful, especially if not reordered when translated.
    It’s note clear to me what the sound options byoyomi and period are for, since there are seperate options for overtime and 1-5 periods left.

I like the stone sound floor goban (room) the most.


Great! Thank you!


One thing I wasn’t expecting was that with earphones if I put a stone on the left side of the board I hear it in my left ear, and on the right my right ear.

There’s something slightly uncomfortable about that. Actually initially I thought I broke my earphones.

Maybe it makes sense in some situations?