Australia vs. Canada Go match with Yoonyoung Kim 4p commentary on OGS!

Hi all,

Exciting news this Thanksgiving weekend! On Saturday, November 25 @ 7 PM Montréal time (midnight UTC, at the beginning of Sunday, November 26) we will host a series of matches between strong amateur players from Montréal, Canada and Sydney, Australia! This graphic says more about the details:

Yoonyoung Kim 4p from Korea will be giving live commentary on Discord! In the meantime, if you are outside of Discord and would like to tune in, I will be hosting Yoonyoung’s comments on

Looking forward to see you there! :smile:




Didn’t want to bother you to add the text :slight_smile:

You seem to have not mentioned An Younggil 8p at all?

Was referring to the live commentary on OGS, He’s mentioned in the graphic though

An Younggil 8p is commenting?

Here’s the invite link to the Discord!

wooooooooooo canada wins! surely.

Would have been cool to have both pros commenting, but just Yoonyoung Kim is really cool already! Cant wait to watch this! Go team Montreal! <3

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Keep dreaming :wink: